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Why Us?

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We target customers who need to pay for the only service they need. For this case, our prices and services are set to meet exactly what you need. Luxury operators charge prices much higher than ours for things you do not need, while budget operators charge prices lower than ours and leave out things you do need. We are one of the few specialist companies operating on Tours and Safari and Kilimanjaro climbing;

When you climb with JJM Tours and Safari, you will be climbing with the best crew on Kilimanjaro Climbing in Tanzania
. We have built a firm reputation as one of the best on the Kilimanjaro Climbing and Tours and Safari. Our tour guides and mountain guides are over 8 years experience, born and raised on foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Our local guides are experts on the mountain. Each of our guides is licensed by Kilimanjaro National Park, and have made Kilimanjaro Climbing around 20 times each year, and speaks English fluently.

Each guide has his own team of assistant guides and camp staff who work together on every climb. This frequent collaboration yields a team dynamic that translates into an unparalleled level of service on the mountain. On all Kilimanjaro trips we keep a ratio of three clients to one guide so every climber receives personal attention and encouragement.

We believe that safety is the most important aspect of the climb experience.
Our guides have received first aid training from Kilimanjaro National Park prior to their certification and additional training from us on a regular basis. They can recognize the symptoms of serious altitude sickness and organize immediate descent, which is by far the best treatment, when necessary.

Our guides follow established protocol for handling emergencies on the mountain, including rescue and evacuation procedures.  
We strive to be a steward of ethical porter treatment, committed to improving the working conditions of the porters in Kilimanjaro. Porters make the trips happen behind the scenes, so their welfare is a priority. Our climbs are staffed with a sufficient number of porters to limit their loads to 25 kg per porter. Our porters are paid one of the highest salaries on the mountain, so they do not depend solely on tips, which can lead to begging, harassment or theft. Every climb departs with an ample food supply so that porters are well fed for the duration of the trip. Tents are examined after every trip and repair any leaks or flaws that would compromise the porters' shelter. Lastly, our porters have adequate clothing for the harsh mountain climate.

Many tour operators on Kilimanjaro do not have adequate standards for their porters. Porters have the hardest jobs on the mountain yet are the ones most commonly exploited. Many operators simply do not care about the welfare of their porters, and worse, some intentionally engage in unfair and unethical practices when dealing with porters. Other companies may make claims of ethical treatment of porters, but do not uphold their words. Please select your operator with porter welfare in mind.
We will happily put our standard of service and our client satisfaction ratings against any of our competitors. 94% of the operators out there do not even come close, while the others will charge you far higher prices for the same level of service.

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